"When are you free?"

April 10, 2019

Regarding logistics, I've seen a lot of back and fourth about asking "When are you free/available?". Some say to state the day, location, and time then leave it up to her to reject or impose a new time. That they are putting themselves in their frame asking.

I don't agree with this. One because you have no idea what her schedule is like, so you might just keep awkwardly trying to make new plans, in which the time doesn't work for either of you.

For example:

"Lets get drinks at XX at 9pm"

Her: "I cant do that, how about the next day same time?"

"No, that doesnt work. Lets do XX, blah blah" etc. (You get the point)

Reason number two is you can gauge her interest; if she tells you shes free all the time that means she will easily make time for you.

Reason number three is when she tells you, lets say, shes free on the weekends, THEN you can STATE "Lets get a drink at 9pm on Saturday blah blah". Knowing she is available at that time, there won't be an awkward rescheduling and you are stilling show you are the decision maker.

In my experience, asking "when you are free?" when you have no idea whats her schedule is like, has not had any backlash.

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