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When girls hear I am a creep, they seem to be more receptive

July 22, 2020

A couple years ago I got accused of sexual harassment at a festival and was very publicly banned from the venue despite nothing actually happening. My reputation amongst women in my nationwide social circle became that of ‘a creep’ but I just ignored it. What can I do?

Today I got called out as a creep on a random post I laugh reacted at by some white knight who was there on the night and mentioned my banning.

I gave a short response saying “I never was told why I was banned” and it was over. The guy then made a “women should never be harassed” comment elsewhere on the post. (The guy is blue pill chad for all intents and purposes.)

The thing is, many of the girls who love reacted his comment have all been very receptive to me in the last few years since my creep brand (I don’t see them often) and I have slept with one of them (I live elsewhere now). The other girls who love reacted the comment typically treat me like i’m a creep but clearly they’re not attracted to me.

I’m quite surprised by this turn of events. I thought this branding had fucked me with that group (not that it matters). Does anyone have any similar experiences?

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