When plates hit you up too often what do you say?

October 5, 2017

Generally I'm ok with seeing a plate once, occasionally twice a week. For special events its ok for us to spend a few days in a row together but otherwise no.

Now in the last couple weeks I have landed 2 new plates with more floating down the pipe. And a new experience for me.. they are texting me to hang out all the damn time. Sometimes every day or every other day. Its odd because I am used to leading / initiating but apparently they don't want to wait.

So far I've used work as an excuse, or especially if I am or "should be" perceived as out and having a great time I just won't reply at all.

How do you guys handle this? Flat out ignoring them is certainly an option but I hesitate to use that as a default because it may offend their fragile little egos.

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