When to draw the line with BP brothers?

June 10, 2017


I have a close friend that unleashed a heap of BP verbal fagotry yesterday.

We were out for drinks yesterday and we got to talking about relationships. Long story short, he went into a rant about not wanting "the kind of dynamic/relationship" that I spoke of in our discussion with masculine and feminine (TRP without the buzzwords), like the one I'm currently in. He believes that a relationship where a man is the rock and decision maker, even though he consults with his first mate (who is also intelligent and can hold her own) from time to time and respects her, is wrong. He insisted equality only. He also called women who look up to their man and who need the man as an emotional rock to be "idiots". Slight jab to my LTR.

Not surprising that he looks up to his parents' relationship and wants a woman "if only even a tenth as strong as" his mother. Fyi she is overbearing, wears the pants, and is the alpha. No wonder he thinks the way he does. At the end of the day, he wants a women "who is my equal in every way or even better than me". Told him good luck and I hope for his sake he finds a unicorn, but asked him to remember this conversation when he's knee deep in shit and wants my advice.

One thing he brought up did have me looking at him in a completely different light. The first time he met my LTR, it was my birthday. He knows I'm not big into drugs, and would prefer not to have them in my LTR. That includes weed, even though I'll smoke it a few times a year on a special occasion. He smokes a few times a day, does coke, and is just abusing his body way too much. Anyway he had a spliff and was asking a few of us if we'd like to smoke. He got to me and I said no. Then he asked my LTR who he had just met if she wanted to smoke with him outside. Didn't happen, and I pulled him aside later and told him I'd appreciate if he doesn't offer drugs to my LTR, being my friend. This situation came up in our convo yesterday and he said he "lost respect for me" because I told him that and won't let my LTR make her own decisions. Wtf? Is it odd to expect your friends not to offer your LTR drugs without asking you first?

For me personally, whether my friend was a guy or a girl, I'd ask them aside first if it's cool to offer drugs to their LTR, even something is mild as weed. Since that person is my friend, it makes sense to me to talk to then first and see what expectations they have in their relationship. Am I an asshole or is my friend BP and doesn't understand boundaries?

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