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Where do meet girl?

August 7, 2020

It's time to start meeting girls. I've stewed in an apathetic spew for too long and become pessimistic and bitter about life trying to accept the fact i don't need any female interaction and it's fucking me up.

Been on all the dating apps. Zero matches, zero responses. Changed sims, done all the tricks.

I'm pretty fit. Got a job, hobbies, friends, all that bullshit. I have zero free time for anything that has no productive utilisation.

Something about me turns people, mainly women, off. I don't know what it is; i've spent my life trying to figure out what it is, stopped caring, then ran back into the same problem in a continuous loop.

Where do people actually meet girls and start shit moving? The only option in my mind right now is a nearly 40 socially retarded women i used to work with years ago.

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