Why are my friends’ GFs always excited when I come over?

April 20, 2019

Hiya bros,

Sooooo I started figuring this one out a few weeks ago then I started paying way more attention to this dynamic until I “had” to write this post so that some of you can help out by teling me WHY that happens?

I know women branch swing and all when there’s higher SMV partners around but is it normal that they show so many signs again and again for friends of friends right in front of their partners?

Every time I go to my friends’ houses and their GFs are there, I find myself chatting with their chicks and the mood quickly changes; their girls give me so much attention that I always have to shut them out at some point to keep doing what I was doing with my buddies

The guys never really talk to me about those situations but I’m surprised they haven’t since their girls get so excited any time a high SMV single guy is around. If those guys weren’t my friends and if they were away, I subconsciously know that I could hit that very easily based on all factors

One of those has been in a relationship for 9 years, every time I go there she is full onto me.... and the guy acts like nothing is happening, letting her be touchy feely etc

How can I help my buddies see my perspective without being an ass about it?

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