This is something I keep hearing about, if the man is too respectful or devoted the woman will end up losing respect for him and cheating. My question is what is her motivation?

It is my understanding that due to evolution, women value fidelity in men. They need to make sure the man won't abandon them after pregnancy so they test for fidelity. Why would they feel compelled to sabotage fidelity once they obtain it?

The only theory I can come up with is that a woman who feels a man is too devoted must be devoted because she has the higher smv in the relationship, and this sets off alarm bells in her hypergamy alarm system. So she finds a man who acts like he has more and better options, which comes across as him not valuing her much. The person with more and better options generally cares less.

That or they assume the man's fidelity is guaranteed and so they can be free to cheat to get higher quality sperm and still have the man waiting for them like Forrest Gump.

What do other people think? I've only been aware of the red pill for a few months, I am still learning.