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Why do people like feeling sorry for themselves?

December 23, 2017

We all know women live for validation. The easiest way to attain that is through sympathy for the 'bad experiences' they've been through. The attention is literally what gives them a reason to exist.

That dynamic doesn't exist for guys. People hated the incel posters for example. Women hated them because they were low value men rejecting the orbiter position, so they were useless. But men disliked them because they were whiners and overly pessimistic (generally).

The dudes had a sense of community and shared seemingly justified dislike for women and society. (Nothing bonds people more than hate and struggle).

But theses dudes loved to complain. Speaking from experience, I get a sick satisfaction when I think about my problems and how I can't compare to people more successful than me (in the things that I give a shit about).

It's a better reaction than sadness definitely, but what exactly is it? Why does it satisfy me? I don't get the validation that women get for complaining, so what am I getting out of it.

(Ftr I never complain about shit IRL and hate complainers. Only shit I get frustrated about still is pussy and I'm still working on that for as long as it takes).

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