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Why do we expect women to put out so fast but if then don't and hold out for too long we next them. But if they do put out we label them as plates/sluts and not LTR worthy?

I had a conversation with my mother last night who told me she wishes I would settle down and doesn't like the fact that I "use" women. I tried to explain to her a few things which she understood to and extent. She said "I honestly don't get why women give up sex that fast anyway why would they want to be used for one night" needless to say I changed the subject but it got me thinking.

If the man makes it clear he wants sex and she wants commitment where is the middle ground? If she waits to see if he wants to commit before giving sex and he isn't going to commit without sex first. How could this ever work?

If you were a woman in this world what would be the right way to go about things if you wanted commitment with a red pill/alpha male?

Edit: I should have worded the title different. when I say WE Im just looking for people's opinions on this. I wasn't looking for a direct answer more of a discussion