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Why does TRP encourage men to have many sexual partners but encourage women to have fewer sexual partners?

June 23, 2015

An ideal unicorn wife for example would have 0 or very few sexual partners. Women who high partner counts (100+) are not wife material.

TRP encourages men to have sex a lot with a lot of different women, especially in college. Why the difference?

I agree that women with high partner counts are less likely to be satisfied with a LTR or husband as they become disillusioned with him over time, but wouldn't the same be true for men? If I've been banging 10/10s every week and settle for a 8/10 wife because of her good values won't I lose interest and be more tempted to cheat/leave?

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Title Why does TRP encourage men to have many sexual partners but encourage women to have fewer sexual partners?
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[permanently deleted]

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I agree.

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Why does /u/Chad_Thundercock69 post on asktrp without reading the sidebar of trp? The answer is in there.

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TRP does not have the goal of advising women and doesn't recommend marriage.

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something something

Men are gateways to relationships

something something

Women are gateways to sex

something something else (read the sidebar)

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Sort of.

A good looking, alpha-traits man dedicated to a single woman is a woman's fantasy. Getting that is AF+BB in one person. It's the ultimate win condition. No competition or effort for maximum reward.

Catch is, what's good for her, or good for marriage isn't the best for him. It's not a fair trade. He's better off using his status to sleep with as many as possible, leaving it up to her to win him with favours and effort. That way he keeps up the pressure on her to perform.

Sure, this works in reverse, but only in that she can show off beauty and the attention of other, high-quality men.

Why doesn't sleeping around make sense in reverse? Because sluts aren't impressive. Any dude will sleep with a chick. An attractive woman can pick a number from 0-100 and get it in a year. A dude with that same ability? He's impressive, because it's difficult.

If we think of relationships as a sex/commitment exchange, if she's already given away her sex to anyone, it's really low value sex. Why should a guy pay high price for that, when he can get it cheap?

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