I'm currently living in a halfway house, in Brooklyn, coming out of drug rehab and I can't help but notice a very prevalent trait that seems to exist amongst the Black and Hispanic men, in regards to their relationships to their female counterparts

Many of these men are former gang members, and are coming here from out of prison. It seems that they have fully retained all the confidence in their masculinity that many Caucasian counterparts are losing in the age of 3rd wave feminism.

Just from being friends with them, watching and seeing how they interact with their women, and their attitudes, it seems as if in these cultures the women "know their place" much more than middle class white females. It appears to me that the concepts of masculinity in TRP come much more natural to these men, and they are not afraid of enforcing them. They also seem to be fairly good at attracting their litter of plates.

Is it related to feminism and education? I also realize that many gang members have sociopathic tendencies, and or dark triad, so perhaps it could be a bit of this.

Is this a misperception or a fallacy on my part?