Serious question here.

I’ve been following TRP since it’s inception, and I find the vast majority of red pill ideology to be well-intended and true to life (namely the self-improvement aspects).

That being said, the more I scroll through this subreddit, the more I begin to think a percentage of our members may legitimately have autism. I say that with 100% seriousness.


A chick likes to have an occasional drink? “SHE’S SELF-MEDICATING TO COVER UP EMOTIONAL TRAUMA, RUN”

A woman uses social media frequently, or even HAS an account online? “SHE’S RIDING THE COCK CAROUSEL ADVERTISING FOR HER NEXT CHAD, STEER CLEAR”

I could go down the list, but you get the point. It’s completely black and white.

We can spin plates until we’re 50 years old. As a matter of fact, I’m sure that idea is appealing to some of you. But if/when our paternal instincts kick in and we do decide to enter a relationship with the opposite sex, from a probability standpoint, most woman are going to have at least a couple (if not several) attributes that can be interpreted flags.

This indoctrination is actually more likely to fuck up any relationship (LTR or not) you have with the opposite sex. I’ll give you a real life example.

The beginning of the first relationship I entered after discovering TRP was great. I was pursuing my own hobbies, jacked, and my unavailability raised her interest. That being said, after about 3 months, it got bumpy. My girl at the time was still extremely submissive, but I began to perceive things inaccurately, and these perceptions ultimately led to the end of the relationship. The more strictly I followed the red pill, the worse it got. Why do I have a feeling the same happened for the guys posting on this subreddit everyday wondering why their relationship went south?

She doesn’t respond to you within 10 minutes? TRP would assume she’s getting piped out as evidenced by the dozens of posts here in this subreddit everyday asking “Is my LTR cheating”? It’s always the same deal, dozens of commenters concurring that she IS cheating. Always black and white. I started to assume any time my girlfriend wasn’t attached to my hip, she was cheating. I assumed that she was getting run out by all of her guy friends. Never once did I assume her guy friends were gay, or being used by her for emotional support which eventually surfaced itself as the reality. It was always black and white.

The fact of the matter is, according to the TRP, if your not dating the preachers daughter, she isn’t suitable for a LTR. Your just supposed to go through hundreds of woman, disqualifying them one by one for trivial inadequacies until you find your unicorn. I’m going to be blunt and to the bottom-line: some of you guys won’t ever find your unicorn if you take this shit too seriously.

I’m starting to feel like the individuals in this subreddit lack the ability to read between the lines. It takes away from what TRP is truly based upon IMO, which is becoming the best version of yourself. Not to eradicate your critical thinking entirely and assume the worst in every scenario.

I fully expect to get downvoted for this post, but I’d love to know where TRP went wrong if anybody has any insights.