I was introduced to TRP about a year ago. Married 24 years. 4 kids still under legal age. Wife is college educated but has been a stay at home mom.

We got into swinging 3 years ago (yes, I know...). Worse - it was only her doing the swinging. I was never into it and never did anything with another woman.

We quit around the time I discovered TRP. I have been taking control but she is resisting HARD. 4 months ago she decided she did not want to quit the lifestyle so she began to ride the cock carousel and has been with 9 other men in the last 4 months. I have not agreed to this and it has brought up some difficult arguments.

I have kept frame because I know how crazy it would be if I did not. The only thing keeping me around is the financial ruin I face.

I have consulted two attorneys. In our state her affairs will not be considered as grounds for any sort of punishment. Both said the same thing - I am screwed financially. After child support and almost a guaranteed 30% of my income going to alimony I will be left just above poverty - barely able to provide for my own needs.

My question - For those who have went down this path.... Is divorce worth financial ruin for the next 10 years?

EDIT: Some have sent me messages. Here is additional information:

Married right out of college. I was the only other man she had sex with. Warning signs include her getting breast implants, lipo, face stuff and a tummy tuck. She also started hitting the gym every day 18 months ago. She is a total MILF. Ace in the hole -- she took pics of nearly every experience. It can't be used in court but I can use it to SHAME her.

The pics are my last resort. As things are right now she would never want her family or our children to know what she did... I may have something useful in my toolbox.

EDIT EDIT: I have read every comment and responded to most. Everything points to one fact - I am truly screwed. My financial future is completely in her hands. If she chooses, I will work my ass off for the next 10 to 15 years and barely live. She will get money, the house and the kids.

This is basically what two different attorneys told me.

DO NOT GET MARRIED. I never would have guessed it could happen to me.