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Women keep fighting with me (2.0)

May 8, 2018

So I made this exact post maybe 2 years ago but have found no solutions and keep running into the same problem. Been on TRP nearly 4 years. No lays yet due to various reasons.

Instead when I open women all that keeps happening is mega unending shit tests from women who from my perspective seem somewhat attracted but for some reason are terrified of acknowledging it. I have under average facial looks ftr.

Just anywhere and everywhere I go. Bars, trains, public transport. If I manage to talk to a girl I have a story for each where a completely normal interaction suddenly takes a huge sharp turn and I encounter absolutely brutal shit.

This weekend I was at an event. Kept seeing some girl who worked on merchandise. Spoke to her, had banter. She loved it. Flirty eyes mixed with occasional jab here and there all. I’m not even trying to get her number, just have fun. Was fun every time but I opened probably 40 girls all weekend as I was surrounded by friends, in my element and it’s just what everyone’s doing.

This was probably the hottest girl I’ve ever talked to that even gave me more than a second of her time.

So at around 10pm I see a female friend of mine and go over to chat. This merch girl appears from nowhere and screams right in the middle of the street “is this guy harassing you? He’s been harassing me and women all weekend”. Big public scene. White knights and complete strangers (women) jumping in to defend her and threaten to beat me up. I’m instantly banned from the event. I ask what I did, no one can answer. Even the girl is nearly breaking down being unable to answer this simple question instead using her emotions to gather sympathy. But it doesn’t matter because she is venue staff, a hot girl and I’m an ugly creep so her accusation is law. I make sure I don’t break frame or lose my cool at all despite attacks from dozens of people in the street. Thankfully some of my male friends defended me which means a lot. My female friends immediately disappeared unsurprisingly.

Now I’ve got a reputation as someone who harasses women in this scene.

I’d love to say this is a one off but this shit happens to me like once a month. My own sisters are constantly trying to break my frame in every single conversation we have.

It’s like my frame is not believable enough for any woman so they are convinced they can break me. They never will because I have dealt with much worse than this in my life, but I don’t know how to get past this issue.

This experience has been weighing on me for the last few days now and really shot my dwindling confidence somewhat.

Would appreciate any perspective on this.

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