Women laugh at their own embarrassment

April 20, 2019

I was watching videos of the Bushman Prank on Youtube, and I saw how after screaming, women are embarrassed at their own silliness, hide his own mouth with their hands and laugh, scanning around to see who is looking at them, or looking on their relatives for approval.

It is a common coping mechanism. If they attempt to deceive you, and you catch them, they laugh. Sometimes is manipulatory. They laugh to dissipate your justified contempt.

Sometimes is to bond with their friends.

Cocky & funny also makes them laugh at their own flaws, and attracts them.

As a man, you also need to be able to laugh at yourself to be attractive. To not be attached to your ego.

I have the feeling, on the penumbra of my conscience, that there is some deeper truth there, which I cannot bring to the surface.

I'm looking for some feedback, some notes, some ideas to pinpoint it. What is your take on it? What do you think? What are your experiences? Can you generalize/particularize?

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