Working your way through a group of girls who are all friends

February 5, 2020

I'm in a situation where I know a group of girls who are all friends. 2 of them have been flirty with me and chatted me up on IG recently, I'm sure they're both into me. 2 weeks ago one of them chatted me up on a Saturday night and I ended up going to her place and fucking her. Now I want to try it with the other one. This other one has chatted to me on IG recently and wants to go for a drink soon and I don't think girl 1 has told girl 2 that we slept together, but who knows.

How do you go about moving from girl to the next when they're friends? Do you find girls always tell each other when 1 of them fucks a guy they're both into? What's your tips/tricks for moving girl 1 to girl 2 or even girl 3 and 4? Any warnings? In the past I slept with 2 girls who were friends in the same week, and the worst that happened is one of them told the other I begged her to fuck me when the truth was in fact she was feeling me up under a table in a bar and totally made me come home with her, but whatever.

I figure my ideal situation is get in there, have fun, and then one day in the future they both admit to each other that they fucked me around the same time but by that point I'm away and onto whoever is next anyway so it won't matter.

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Title Working your way through a group of girls who are all friends
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