Would You F**K her?

August 16, 2018

Sydney, Australia btw. Opportunity to fuck a Muslim (M8) virgin girl (she's close with her family). Im a catholic. I feel as though there is a lot of bad that can come from this. A Muslim culture exists where if you fuck with/hurt a girl, her cousins/brothers will hunt you down.

Backstory: I dated this Italian/Croatian HB8 for 6 months, M8 girl was this girl's best friend at the time. Prior to hooking up with HB8, M8 wanted to hookup with me, and i quote "HB8 is crazy and annoying, we should hookup instead". HB8 and M8 both work together in childcare but have moved to separate companies. From my experience, childcare workers are the most immature, psychotic and stalker-type girls.. HB8 was. TRP says don't stick it in crazy, I've had my share of crazies/BP already and they always were difficult to deal with. Sex was fire though.

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