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Would you move for an LTR? Why or why not?

July 9, 2018

Here's the situation: Been in an LTR with a chick for the past 1.5 years. A significant fraction of that was actually long distance - think 4 hours driving. Because I was in a consulting job, it was relatively easy for us to see each other.

Because of major issues at work (unrelated to her, it was a small firm with major leadership issues), she decided to move to the Bay Area earlier this year where she got an offer at a large pharmaco. Since I'm in a related field, I thought I would get a job there relatively easily. However, I instead ended up getting a good offer in Portland, OR while I'm still interviewing with firms in the Bay Area.

The Portland offer won't stay on the table long and now I'm wondering whether I should just take it, which will mean the end of the LTR since I'm not willing to do any more long distance, or pass it up and continue pushing for an opportunity in the Bay Area. I'm well aware Portland is a better deal from a cost of living perspective...

If she was a plate I wouldn't even ask this question. But she has earned her LTR status and hence I'm wondering how far I should bend in this situation.

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