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A list of things every man should be able to do

February 27, 2017

This is a very basic list of some of the many skills a man should look to aquire and develop. This is by no means a complete list, as each man is his own nation. This is also not a checklist that once complete warrants you a "man certificate". But as we know, men are held to an objective standard of quality, and I believe these are some competencies that will build you as a well rounded individual. Ask yourself the following:

  • Can I change a tire?
  • Can I drive manual?
  • Can I start a controlled fire?
  • Can I do routine house maintenence?
  • Can I cook a steak to medium-rare without cutting into it?
  • Am I physically fit? (Bench > 135, 20 pushups sequential, 30 situps sequential, run for longer than 20 mins straight)
  • Am I athletically competent? (Able to throw/catch a football or baseball, properly golf, skate well etc.)
  • Can I tie a Windsor knot on a tie?
  • Can I tie a bowtie?
  • Can I fight and defend myself if necessary?
  • Am I financially literate? (See below)
  • Can I understand a stock quote?
  • Can I read and analyse financial statements?
  • Do I file my own taxes?
  • Can I name 3 books I have read in the past year?
  • Is my GPA over a 3.0? (If applicable)
  • Am I up to date with current events?
  • Can I hold a conversation on political/ economic policy?

So that's it. As a disclaimer, I myself do not meet all of these metrics.

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