Day 5 - Break up with your friend girl

January 18, 2013

Today is your last day to obtain a copy of The Manipulated Man. It's easy to find if you google for a pdf.

Today's task: Break up with a friend girl. No, not girlfriend. I mean friend girl.

Take a look at day 3. Remember that woman from the article that just kept Mike on beta orbiter status so he'd do things for her?

We all have that friend girl in our lives, on facebook, at work, somewhere.

Today's task: Ask her out romantically. Be clear. "Hey, let's go on a date."

If she says no, or fails to respond, it's time to cut ties. You knew she wasn't any good for you, it's time to be realistic about this.

Obviously no need for fanfare to break up. You don't need to tell her you're cutting her off. Just make the decision and stick to it.

This is about realizing what value people give you.

  • If you don't have anybody like this in your life, congrats, you've passed Day 5.

  • If you are currently in a relationship, do this anyway, but then decline to follow through on the date.

We are now ensuring that your relationships are in your frame, not theirs. It's time to ditch the relationships, platonic or not, that are not in your frame.

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