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[Mod] 2,000 men and growing

August 8, 2013

In just over a month our readership has doubled. The males of Reddit are taking notice and making the decision to become real men. When we started this project, I didn't expect that we'd grow to this size. A few changes coming;

-We are reaching the end of our initial 6 month project. The mods have decided to continue this sub. After our initial six months, [week 24], We will be changing formats slightly (details to come).

-After week 24, people who have commented consistently will be given highly coveted but functionally negligible 'MAN' flair. Subscribers with this flair will help give advice to newer subscribers, as well as contribute posts to the sub.

Be sure you've completed the challenges

-Very soon, Become A Man will be jumping over to We'll be transferring older posts, as well as probably adding content to the website so be sure to check it out.

Well done everybody. Keep up the good work.


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