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You Can't Control Their Choices

September 13, 2016

You can't control their choices. When your friends want to hang out, when that girl doesn't want to talk, when your boss doesn't want to promote you. You can't control life and the people you share it with.

So do we just lay back and let life lay pipe on us? Uh, fuck no.

What we do as men, is make our own decisions and control what we can control, which is ultimately ourselves to some degree. This means that we must consciously shift our focus from a "life is happening to me" perspective, to a "I'm a participant and I have a say on what happens in life".

How do we exercise this and let it become the norm? We remind ourselves and act it out. Pretty simple. Just stay conscious and go as hard as we can.

This will manifest in multiple ways. We will let go of resentment towards others, we will begin to love ourselves and feel accomplished for owning up to taking care of our own needs and wants, and what we want in life will happen sooner and manifest better because we aren't waiting, were deciding.

So next time you wish girls would like you, or you think you should be given a chance at that promotion... Think about what you're doing. You're sitting, waiting, wishing. Man the fuck up and take what you want because nobody will just fuckin give it to you.

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