Im 28M i feel like im too much immature for my age. Im totally off from my same age school colleagues as they have passed me in every aspect of my life. And now im with a group of guys but feel like they have passing me in life too. I feel like my life has stuck while others move forward. Im still like an 22year old child from looks and mentality. I have an skinny body soft voice and doesnt have much body strength. Also when i compare myself with my same age colleagues i feel like i would never do things and achievements they have done for their age. They have find partners married and having kids startinh their own buisnesses traveling migrate buying and selling cars etc. but my problem is i dont know why im so weak why cant do things like them why i have no inner drive etc. even im in their presence i feel like im submissive towards them even after 10 years of leaving school. I dnt know any responsibility as a man how to take lead how to plan how to manage my salary my life or my targets etc. even guys younger than me ate soreyed their life. At this age i feel like an carefree guy who has no ambition of marrying or having a serious life. I never had a serious relationship but the girls i been with when i hear about their past lovers i feel so inferior like these dudes have had all figured out in life while i know secretly i can never mature like them so i have sabotage many relationships myself in fear of not good enough and not mature enough. Now i know what redpill is but idont know how to be mature for my age