I have battled my way through working out a lot, adopting healthy habits and aiming to look my best, and I do fine with that.

But now there's this dude, Peter. who was simply born a 10. He gets crazy IOIs all the time, girls stare creep at his face for minutes in hopes for a glance, they do the craziest shit to find his contact like asking facilities employees of our company and shit like that.

I do look good, but I look like shit next to him. It's so effortless for him. How do we even "compete" against those guys? I'm "different" than him, he's all standardized, I'm kinda exotic so we're not in the same market, but I feel he could steal all my prey if he wanted to.

Bite me, I'm jealous. but I'm trying to get some good lesson out of this. Kinda takes me out of my "comfort zone". Also, he's casually been with my ex and he probably doesn't even know I'm her ex. I'm often afraid he brings her up. It sucks.