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At More Prestigious Jobs, How Colloquial/“Chill” Can You Be In Your Conversations?

February 20, 2022

Hey guys, So I’m expected to start working at an IB(investment banking) job on the east coast and am a senior in college.

I didn’t party or hook-up much in college just because I was so fucking busy setting up this career. Now I wanna let loose and enjoy my 20s.

So, do those that have similar high prestige jobs, can you shoot the shit with the boys and stuff without repercussions. I’m talking about saying stuff like “slaying some bitches”( after your day job is over)

Now you’re wondering if I’m dumb for asking that question but I grew up in a traditional household and there’s another reason. On one hand, there’s the whole “models and bottles” life that is sold. On the other hand, you see CEOs and other guys being reprimanded for making untasteful comments about sex and stuff. We have social media everywhere and people record shit when you’re just having fun. Sometimes, it makes you wonder if moving overseas is even better lol

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You need to learn to read the room. You can ease up IF and when it is appropriate.

DO NOT make comments to or about female colleagues regarding sex.

Be very selective about what your share about your personal life including how much you party.

Keep in mind every email you send, every site you visit and every key stroke from your company’s instant messaging system is recorded.


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