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Books on behaving in social settings.

September 21, 2021

Growing plugged I was never aware of my behavior never really think before Start speaking. Now I’m realizing I don’t get the respect I deserve around men. They don’t “bust my balls” as you’d do around your boys. Theyre mostly interacting with me on a dark/serious vibe. This has led me to be conscious in a social settings and even with girls. Im noticing myself seem Weird or desperate to be not weird or desperate lmao.I feel weed causes/worsen this. Any books or anything will that’ll help 🙏

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Books are okay to read, I think everybody should be reading 10-15 minutes a day at minimum to improve their wealth of knowledge, but in the world the only thing that matters is action. The most charismatic guy in the world didn’t get there by reading a book, he got there by living life.

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Look up “shit tests” on TRP Reddit and learn how to handle them.

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