Been in an LTR for about a year. This relationship has so far worked out great for me and I don't want to end it over this - however it would be nice to be able to bang other chicks regardless (for variety), with no strings attached. I don't want to cheat because I'd feel bad and keeping my story coherent seems like too much of a hassle.

I've thought about threesomes but she doesn't seem open for them yet as she doesn't want to share me. Now I just had an idea - since girls turn their men into cucks all the time nowadays, could this also work the other way around? Like having a monogamous, jealous girlfriend, and progressively turn her into a cuck/cuckquean using the same mental tricks that girls use on guys?

Anyone ever tried something like that, or knows of some post anywhere going into detail about it? Would the techniques be exactly the same as those that girls use, or do we have to take behavioral and character differences between women and men into account? Where would I start researching?