Disclaimer: I know I have One-itis and I already decided to move on, just want to hear your insight

TL;DR: She pulled back after (apparently) 2 great dates, was I authistic, or she was just not interested at all?

Context: I met her online. 1st date went pretty well, we both had fun, and she insisted to set another date to which I played aloof since there was a winter break in between (trip). She didn't messaged me afterwards, I didn't worry and I pinged her about a month later to set a 2nd date, to which she was VERY enthusiastic. 2nd date went just great, we went to a cool place and were both laughing hard, she told me how glad she was to met me again, she complimented my looks a LOT, generally, many IOIs. We got a little more intimate, holding hands and escalated to deep kissess and being us very tight (you get the picture). At the end, I let her at the station after we talked about meeting again, and later on I received a message that she made it home safely. At that point I thought, "wellp, it's in my pocket", so I replied half a week later with a dry text along the lines of come over my place.

To my surprise she answered me a long message along the lines that she preferred to not keep doing this anymore, to which I tried to play it cool and answered with some variation of "ok goodluck ;)"

After that, I started to think in our dates and realised that I really had a good time with her, we shared a lot of common opinions and hobbies, she seemed to be a simple and cute girl, and probably never had laughed this much with a girl at such early stage. I have had many triumphs and have handled MANY rejections as nothing, yet, I thought we had really clicked and it felt like a real loss.

In hindsight, I think that I might have screwed it up by not building any sort of comfort through text, rather directly playing it aloof. I only texted her exclusively for logistics, plainly cutting up conversations to go straight to the point, maybe I was too assertive. Maybe I'm just overthinking and she never was into me.

I just decided to move on and respect her decision, but I cannot stop thinking that I maybe screwed it up, somehow. What is your opinion on this scenario guys? Also, considering that she was a very pleasant girl to spend time with, would it be acceptable to ping her in a few months?