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Does a woman's career have a big influence on how she is or will be?

October 21, 2021

Tried dating a shrink/psychologist lol big bad idea. 30 minutes in the date she found something wrong and shut down immediately (it was when I said I don't social media but found an instag notification while my phone was on the diner table, I literally don't even post). Having a relationship with a teacher is also stressful, it felt like I had to tend with her more as she was easing into her new school.

Last experience was a nurse. It was fine until I realized how my weak self pussies out as to how massively unhygenic her patients were. I finally knew where those smells came from.

Best stabilities were the ones who oddly enough work at a sort of retail environment. Pharmacists have always got this consistent schedule and they're guaranteed decently paid. Dated 2 pharmas who didn't give me this stink eye look when I suggested going dutch, they were willing to pay their half. But again, I may just be overgeneralizing but back to the question..

Does it have a big impact in their lifestyle or influence? Obviously, there are also side hobbies, a flight attendant can be an mma fan or gearhead. If so, what do you think are the most stable or best matches in general? What could compliment a gig dayjobber more?

To top it all, almost all of us have a job that envelopes most, if not, all of our week and yearly time. We're controlled by it. Unless if we're talking about 18-24's who still live by their parents or is a trustfund baby, I'm an average guy getting older that finds those pulls almost impossible in today's dating landscape

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Title Does a woman's career have a big influence on how she is or will be?
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Just date a man!

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Doesn't make a big difference in my opinion, other than making them chronically unhappy because evolution/God/whatever didn't intend for women to be breadwinners or to have a big successful career. Women who hold positions of power in their careers tend to be more sexually submissive though.

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