I talked to this counselor today about some issues I’ve been having, one of the things I mentioned is how I had a girl over and met her for the first time when she came over and within 10 minutes started escalating, before she broke it off.. Any way he commented how I may have poor intimacy building skills, and said usually people go on a few dates and see if they’re a good fit before having sex. Me and everyone else who’s red pilled knows that that’s complete bullshit. What can I do?

Also another concern I have is alpha fucks versus beta provider, I never want to be a beta provider, I always want to be the alpha she sees sexually. What are some ways I can make sure of that? By showing her I have options by not giving her any validation? Sometimes I feel like it’s a chore to acts a certain way towards women, learning about the red pill has opened my eyes to not be a beta but at the same time I feel like my view and outlook on everything can be distorted, idk..