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Frame 101 -- Here is proof that I'm the primary causal reason that u/praexology wrote a frame article on the Married-RedPill subreddit! (i.e. that I'm delusional and this is just a schizo-post)

December 6, 2021

This was the final, missing screenshot I needed in order to make this thread today: https://i.imgur.com/Nn14K9B.png

u/Natural20MC (from the screenshot) is a masterful social engineer who is like me but lacks craziness and has a shit-ton of self-control, apparently. I bumped into him on the "anti-psychiatry" subreddit because we both believe (tongue-in-cheek) that psychiatry exists to give normal people (like 99% of people reading this thread) the illusion that manic people do not control the world and/or the underlying fabric of reality.

Here is a recent screenshot I sent to the MRP mods via modmail bragging that I am the one who made u/Praexology write his frame article:


Disclaimer: I have Praex's "implied permission" (via DM) to make this thread about him as long as I implicitly convey to my audience that Praex believes I'm just mentally ill and/or delusional (which is true, obv, but manic people want to believe they are powerful which is why reddit exists).

Here is my last schizo post claiming to have superpowers with regard to causality (cause and effect) but I'm 30% less manic and less delusional than when I wrote that so I should make more sense today (can we get this thread to +20 upvotes today if I'm making more sense compared to the usual amount of sense I normally am making?)


Here is my thread which sucked Praex into my "mental illness frame" and here is Praex's reply:

You literally deleted your question idiot.

Here is my question for the community regarding mania and TRP knowledge

Nothing. That's it. No question.

Praex didn't realize at the time but he fell for a mentalism trick. I AM THE MOST FUCKING POWERFUL MENTALIST IN THE ENTIRE FUCKING WORLD I have tons of self-developed tricks which don't have names and mentalism is super-exhausting to explain how it works so please just follow these 2 bulletpoints of cause & effect:

  1. Cause: https://archive.md/RGyd9
  2. Effect: (Praex's frame thread he wrote less than 18 hours later to escape my frame)

From Rollo Tomassi's excellent primer on frame:

Frame is everything. Always be aware of the subconscious balance of whose frame in which you are operating. *Always control the Frame, but resist giving the impression that you are. *

To be 100% honest -- Praex has escaped my frame -- does anybody else want me to pull him back into my frame? (that is question #1 of my thread today)

Here are 2 of my goals in life:

  1. Get u/lyrics85 arrested for possession of child ****
  2. Become the de-facto leader of TRP and proselytize 2/3 of its current leadership to Christianity

Question #2 of my thread today is estimate my chances of each in terms of percentage for example if you think the odds of bulletpoint 2 are 1-in-a-million then respond in the comments like this: "My answer for the 2nd half of your 2nd question is 0.0001%"

Question #3: Same as #2 but if u/natural20MC helps me (check his post/comment history -- he is powerful as fuck)

Question #4: Did you guys know that I created a thread here yesterday on one of my alt accounts and BOTH OF THE FOLLOWING PEOPLE responded in my thread and gave me attention? 😁😁😁

  1. u/bsutansalt (proof here)
  2. u/TRPCops (proof here)

I have screenshots on my other computer (because I live at my parents house) and my parents forbid me from using the internet earlier this year but I secretly bought a new cell phone and use the wi-fi hot-spot and my parents think I spend all day typing on my computer writing short stories and novels, lmao...

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What in the fuck

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Was just about to comment this haha

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I just need to leave this imgur link here for question #4 (for screenshot purposes and archiving it).


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ngl bro this is coming from a place of love, someone whose struggled with mental health issues and whos worked in mental health services for years your post reads schizotypal or at least manic through and through. Im not saying you have to go on meds cos either way your going to struggle heavily to adjust to "normal" society just be happy for the blessings and if you get the oppourtunity whilst medicated (If youre in america that aint gonna be the case lol) try and get some help with social cues etc cos the stuff youre going to need is going to be deeper than anything the redpill has to offer.

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