Because I work in the gig economy, every day is different. This implies that my timing can be off, and I might not even want to go out if I don't have the energy, ambition, or passion to do so. Even with a regular day job, I found myself unable to respond to texts. I come home from the evening, I'm mostly dead tired. I have to be in a specific mood, or else I'll come across as robotic and uninteresting. I could go to the gym but I also want to be left alone, I'd want to focus.

I've been working on my nootropics, coffee, and everything else, but it's a little detrimental to my health if I do it for too long. Is it my other depleted energy? Because I still want to focus on my tasks during the day, I frequently just "get it over with". And I've lived through the nofap thing.

Do you guys have any tips? It can be a roll of a dice. I'd feel like someone who can't be bothered but at the same time, I don't want to be so much in the edge that it'll exhaust me or I'd overshoot because of over enthusiasm (this happens if I push on the redbull or uptake my vit d) but I know I'm over with depression already.