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How do you make it easier for her to hop on a date or how do you plan logistics in a busy schedule?

July 27, 2021

There have been issues where I would send a day or date to meet up only to not have it happen.

I also have a pretty busy schedule. It's also hard enough to text back and forth, can't phone at work, and out of energy after 5PM.

I do call and it's usually a better exchange, this is after getting her # from OLD or the night out before. But 8 out of 10 it won't be the right time.

Most of the women I'm trying to plan with are also super "busy" with their schedules. Most of them actually do have crazy schedules but I think if they like a person enough, they'd make a time for you.

Another problem here is that it will feel like I'm yoyoing them just to keep interest and eventually, after a week or so, interest will just die off...

Here's what I try to do to change things up a bit.

I try to send shorter messages and just send pictures instead

I try to "time" a call. Usually 6PM works. I can't even catch some past 10PM because I have to sleep early.

Of course, I have my own events that I'll go to. The plan is to let them know that I'll be there and they can tag along too. But these are at least a month or so away and I'm just anxious that we'll lose interest...

Maybe a good thing to do here is to also be in as much soc media as she have? That way, I'm at least in most medium. Another example, about a good number of my leads were using their work's # to text.. I can only imagine, work calls + random dudes combined, it's tough to keep on top especially for an average guy, non striking SMV

How do you deal with this? Or am I trying too hard? Is it about timing or being relentless w/ messaging while avoiding trying to spam?

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Ask her when she’s free and plan accordingly. keep texting to a minimum. if she flakes she’s low interest anyways and move on.

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