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How important is a first kiss right on the first date? On an online dating context?

July 24, 2021

I feel like doing a 500% instead of 100 can really lock things in, especially for an average guy like myself.

Afterall, I feel like OLD especially with apps, are just women who want that hookup thing.

Is it important? Or is consistency and respectful or even nice but flirty first date better? Or does it really depend on the woman?

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To me it isn't, but I'd say that, for women, it's important. I feel like I lost some flings because of not going for a kiss in the first date.

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i’ve heard guys who still smash second date after not getting a kiss first date. me personally i have yet to experience that.

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here's the deal:

  • assume a 50/50 chance of landing the kiss vs. rejection. it should be higher - based on kino and vibing, but say 50/50
  • so 50% chance she kisses back, great
  • and 50% chance she rejects, turns away, demurrers, etc
    • half of this half: she's glad you tried, not just for her ego but she knows where you stand and that you're not afraid and meek; and you're glad you tried as you are conveying this is a sexual relationship, not a friendzone audition; and the date doesn't end, just transitions - because you're not waiting until the end of the date for the first kiss, right? RIGHT?
    • half of this half: she gets pissy and it blows up "i'm not like that"
      • half of this half of this half: great, you polarized and know she's not into you, move on. you saved time and money!
      • half of this half of this half: damn, rejection sucks. but.. it's better than regret!

so you have an 87.5% chance of not being retarded, unlike this reply and question.

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