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How much can you show before a date or after the 1st, 2nd date?

September 13, 2021

This mostly goes for online dating.

I have "art" as interest and with this, I've met awesome artists and they (ladies) often share their work.

I think it might just be me but whenever I share my artwork, convo progression dramatically drops. I'm not a career artist, I only do sketches but can say that my work is pretty acceptable. I did take still life art for 3 years. My art is just sketches of people's faces, I focus mainly on shadows which I absolutely love.

I do not just randomly share my artwork or a part of my life, it's not as if I sound self-absorbed either but I'm going to refer to my experience when I had a pretty bland Instagram, I tried not to share this old Instagram in both RL and OLD dating as it shows my life as boring and nothing ever happened to contacts when they did Follow, it more or less, died down.

I feel like the opposite is happening, these online dating artists love their art and I suspect they might be dissing my style or are even envious of it.

It also might just be a coincidence but I've had 4 online dating career artists and we've had great convos only for them to lose interest once I mention I do art AND then share my art.

That's why I never share my artwork anymore OR anything creative.

I still have artists as an interest but the seemingly negative or dramatic drop in convos stopped after I quit sharing my art. Or any creative thing I do. Now I only "ping" what I did for the week (if it's awesome) or share funny pics. I feel like sharing artwork is personal but it's funny how they don't mind sharing theirs.

I think they just probably want Likes and Follows on their insta pages. This is oddly similar to when I used to start chatting about my job or career with dates. Or they first off ask about what I do and focus on it, this meant that they just want someone to give them free dinner (which I was dumb enough to waste money on) so I also stopped talking about career. And ghost when they focus on it lol

But why did most lose interest when I shared something personal, like my artwork or something creative? Anyone else had this issue?

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