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How the hell do you improve when you're in a relationship?

November 23, 2021

Is it this slow? I've been with her and it feels like all she wants are cuddles. It's honestly annoying and suffocating too. I do communicate but her priorities are different from mine. When I was single, I was able to stick to a strict schedule, I go to gym, I read a lot, I always pushed myself. Now it feels like it's hindering me. It's good to feel relaxed but I've been in survival mode for so long I got used to it. She rarely wants to work out, doesn't try to groom her like she used to, so much that I see a mustache forming. I don't mind it but I trim and clean myself as much as I did. I don't want to feel complacent.

Do you improve at all with a traditional relationship?

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Title How the hell do you improve when you're in a relationship?
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