I have zero animalistic instinct to approach or sexually pursue women. I would consider myself a driven person: I workout and have an exceptional physique, am an executive at a company and make a lot of money. I'm driven towards accomplishing goals, achieving objectives and obtaining power. All of these have a logical and predictable outcome. I don't see the point in pursuing women; it feels like a stupid game for a chance to get laid which doesn't feel nearly as good as accomplishing a goal that improves your position in life. I don't even see the point in long term relationships; I've had a lot and I'm honestly just tired of women at this point.

I can tell that given my position, I attract a lot of women, but I just don't see the long term benefit in hooking up randomly, even though I'm definitely sexually attracted to women. Whenever I feel the intense urge when I see an attractive women, or any emotion for that matter, I simply channel it into whatever productive task I'm doing and become much more effective at doing it.

However, I also know that this animalistic instinct is obviously attractive to women, so I'm wondering how I can regain it? I almost miss having that intense drive to do that, before learning how to channel all my feelings into productivity.