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How to handle situation - girl I’m seeing wants to party

September 25, 2022

Hi everyone - curious for your take on my situation. I’m a 28 year old American guy living in a major us city. I met an 18 year old girl a month ago at a bar and we really hit it off that first night. 18 is typically a little younger than what I’d normally prefer- I assumed she was at least 21 since she was in this bar, but by the time I learned her age I was already invested. She’s new to the states for college from an Eastern European country.

We’ve been seeing each other a couple times a week for the last month and while we’re not officially exclusive yet, there’s a lot of intensity already. She’s sent photos of us together to her parents and I could really see myself with this girl for the long term.

Anyway, the wrinkle is this - she’s just starting college and her friends are all partying and clubbing and naturally she wants to go with them.

I’m at an age where I can take or leave the party scene and I don’t find it particularly interesting anymore. I’m happy to do it occasionally or do it with her but I don’t love her going out every weekend without me, that would typically a dealbreaker for me in a relationship.

I do trust her. She’s a virgin and clearly not promiscuous. But clubs and college parties are clubs and college parties.

This past weekend I expressed that I wouldn’t take someone seriously in a relationship who partied like that without her man present. She pushed back a bit as expected but ended up canceling her Friday plans, only to go out last night (Saturday).

How would you guys handle this situation in my shoes?

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Let the girl enjoy her college experience like she’s supposed to and go be an adult man like you are supposed to

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Sounds like you need to read the side bar and detach from the situation. She’s a virgin? You’re not exclusive? She’s 18? What’s the deal man? Go live your life.

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