for e.g. was at a party yesterday, and saw a girl I liked, so I got her insta and she requested back right then (she was looking a lot, and trying to get into my proximity before hand).

I messaged her today, and not even seen.

After getting her insta, I we only asked what ethnicity the two of us were that's it. I left her to go talk to another girl who is more platonic because she told me "you are perfect until you speak," and I wanted her to elaborate. Apparently, I'm a "beauty standard", "10/10" but my personality ruins it.

Fair enough, but I didn't really speak to this girl for her to know my personality like that...

I'd say I'm close to perfect at escalating and making a girl fall in love, but the first step of forming rapport is very difficult.

What I want to know is, is this normal (her not responding), and a result of me not really talking to her much in the moment. Or is it just a matter of she will come to you if she likes your looks enough type of thing.

(This has happened before)