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How to improve reply rate from girls that initially show interest in person? What am I doing wrong?

March 8, 2022

for e.g. was at a party yesterday, and saw a girl I liked, so I got her insta and she requested back right then (she was looking a lot, and trying to get into my proximity before hand).

I messaged her today, and not even seen.

After getting her insta, I we only asked what ethnicity the two of us were that's it. I left her to go talk to another girl who is more platonic because she told me "you are perfect until you speak," and I wanted her to elaborate. Apparently, I'm a "beauty standard", "10/10" but my personality ruins it.

Fair enough, but I didn't really speak to this girl for her to know my personality like that...

I'd say I'm close to perfect at escalating and making a girl fall in love, but the first step of forming rapport is very difficult.

What I want to know is, is this normal (her not responding), and a result of me not really talking to her much in the moment. Or is it just a matter of she will come to you if she likes your looks enough type of thing.

(This has happened before)

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[–]guidefru 2 points3 points  (0 children) | Copy Link

This plagued me for a long time. Basically your looks open the door for you but on the inside you still feel inadequate, the only way to overcome this is by understanding there needs to be a mental shift. You are currently assuming women are something to earn. There is nothing to earn. She’s a person. You’re a person. You hit it off, great, you can escalate.

Now, in order TO stack the odds in favor of you hitting it off (not trying to get her per se, just effectively expressing your personality) you need to know how to converse. Basically, don’t talk about random bs. Uncover identities. That will make her feel more comfortable with you. Then escalate by touching her so you can fuel the spark. As a man, that is YOUR job. You must lead. Once you’re escalating, and things are going well, you’ll likely get responses/dates, but be warned: Neither your conversation nor physical escalation will work unless you understand there is nothing to be earned. You are just curious and trying to see whether she is worth your time and energy and vice versa.

If you’re not getting responses after escalating/kissing etc. then don’t be ego-centric and believe you’re the problem. There are always variables in their lives that we don’t know which could be the reason you’re not hearing back. Also, you need to have a large enough sample size to attribute their not responding to you as a pattern.

[–]thiikn 0 points1 point  (1 child) | Copy Link

why the fuck do you want to talk to girls when you're away from them? it's useless (unless you're famous 10/10).

get intimate with them while you're in person, that's how it works. you don't simply say "hello give me your insta" and then expect to uncover a big online convo. get intimate in person and when you chat them online they'll give you attention (remember: logistics only)

[–]helloelloh[S] 0 points1 point  (0 children) | Copy Link

because I'm shit at escalating at the party and taking her home type of thing. I'm scared of being rejected in person, so I try to meet them after, to give her a chance to reject me away. I basically send 1 message to tiuch base, and then say I don't like to text, I wanna meet up, what's your availability type of thing.

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