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I did RP on hard mode for 4 years, and I failed.

June 21, 2022

LTR is RP on hard mode.

I learned a lot over the 4 years. I made plenty of mistakes, and grew a lot.

Before I started the LTR, I was spinning numerous plates with ease, which cumulated in a temporary STD. I realized the drawbacks of fucking 4-5 new girls a month, and just as I began to come back to earth I met a baller of a woman that stole my attention from all the others. No, not a unicorn, those don’t exist - but a solid Trad woman with a good head on her shoulders, fantastic morality, and commendable goals.

Over the years we’ve gone on and off a few times, always because I “don’t show her I appreciate her enough,”

“Don’t compliment her enough”

or I “would be fine if she left”


Failed comfort tests? Maybe. I don’t lack charisma at all, but I may have gotten wrapped up in the anti-simp mindset to the point of coldness.

We’ve come apart again, for the same reasons on her end - and I’m mostly indifferent again. I do have feelings for her, and I know she’ll be back after her tantrum again.

But, I feel that I’ve failed somewhere along the way though. I don’t lack anything here except stability. I’m happy in this relationship. To this day, the draw of fresh poon doesn’t draw me to cut it off, because I don’t feel like I need it. I’m focusing on my career. I have options if I do end things.

That being said, was I too cold? Perhaps afraid of showing too much affection, I don’t know. I’d made that mistake in past LTR’s, and I wanted to do this one right.

Anything stand out to you?

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Before she comes back from her tantrum and you repeat the same thing learn comfort tests. I think that’s your issue. I’m still working on myself in terms of rp but I think that’s your biggest issue

Yes ltr is rp on hard mode but who cares. Slanging whores everyday is fun but can easily get boring. Why not have an ltr who is loyal to you and you alone.

Learn and reread comfort tests. Remember that you have to simp just a little in ltr’s but never Too much. It should be 85% rp and 15% simp from how I see it.

And always remember to gym and look hotter than her so she can see women eyeing you.

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