Girl I was seeing got cheated on, and the same day she found out about it she hits me up and confirms the date I set up with her, not knowing she even had a boyfriend in the first place. It disgusts me because the girl didn't take any time at all to hop on a new dick (mine), no reflection, no taking time for herself, just straight to another dude.

Same thing happened when I broke it off with her, new guy within 2 days. I know they have options, hundreds at the click of a button, but really? Does every girl do this shit? Hop from guy to guy to guy without thinking? I guess feelings do trump everything for them. Is this just me seeing her hop on the cock carousel?

What's your guys' experience? I'm finding myself bouncing between resenting women and being depressed the more I learn about their promiscuity. There is also a tinge of jealousy in there because I'm not where I want to be with women yet. I haven't reached the state where I can pull consistently yet.