Hey people,

I finally got over of my oneitis, discovered that I am actually somewhat good looking.

A girl came up to me and complimented. I responded and It was just a little chitchat. Later that day I actually wanted to continue the conversation but she had her friend with her (which is also a girl). I said "Can I borrow your friend for a little bit?" and her friend said no.

At this point I said whatever and left.

And the next day they both came up to me and asked for my phone number. I called myself on their phone. (So I know their phone numbers too.) I know I should have gotten their phone numbers in the first place but I didn't have my phone at the time. The white knight said something like "Text me later"

And I am so fucking confused. They are both beautiful and best friends. What do I do now? I see them almost everyday and I am a confident and funny person so I like talking to people in person. Should I text them?

Thanks in advance