I do genuinely like this girl, I don't see a legit relationship happening (maybe idk) but i do like to see her and would like to get sexual with her. The only problem is that we're in school together with like 20 people, I'm in a technical school and as of right now we see each other everyday of the week. I've known this girl and have flirted with her for like 4 months. So I'm at the phase where I have no problem conversing with her and give off a sexual vibe. Next semester it's only going to be 2 days of the week of in person class and 3 clinic days. Could be a little awkward in class though in those 2 days... I should probably stop being a pussy and just fuck this girl. I think I'm just gonna ask her to get a drink or should I just pass up this opportunity? I doubt her attraction for me will ever degrade, she's totally hooked on me haha but I need to strike at one point or another, school has just kept me from doing it.