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“I Like Friends But I Like Getting Laid too”…”I Like My Parents But I Live My Own Life too”

February 27, 2022

I used to be out of shape during my teens and got in shape in college. I had a pretty massive transformation thanks to stuff like MPMD and some male-oriented Reddit subs

So, I’ll occasionally get “crab bucket” questions like “Don’t you want friends??” or shaming tactics “This is why you’re never gonna have friends” from both jealous “friends” and some girls who hate my transformation. The other tactic is “Don’t you care what you’re parents will say??!!”

Truth is, I love being by myself and not having friends when you’re on the way to the “top” is normal. And I have an understanding that cutting contact with my family is crucial. I think many guys going through a transformation on MPMD can relate to both problems.

So, I’ve been using the 2 lines in the title lately.

What other lines can I use since those come off a bit cliche sometimes?

Share your experiences/thoughts/advice.

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