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I Need Advice on These Two Ideas. Which One Will You Pick?

March 22, 2022

I have an Interesting topic I need some thoughts on.

So, I’m 20 and am getting done with a big transformation and am still catching up to my new self.

Some guys(e.g lazy ones) etc will say that “looksmaxing”(Not a fan of this word but it’s used) is cheating but I see it as becoming your greatest self.

I Need Advice on These Two Ideas. Which One Will You Pick?

Ive seen conflicting ideas whether it’s fair game to get with “10s” after you become an attractive guy or you still need to go after girls you could have gotten before.

I’ve seen 2 types of comments:

1.) “cheat away bro. everybody who wants to wishes they could. Go get the dimes you want. Put them up on your IG so others can see”

2.) “If word ever gets out that you used to be Fat, ugly, and bald and you turned into some hot chad, you better be able answer up”

I’ve seen idea #1 around a lot more now. It seems guys are accepting that if you can be me a “Chad”, you can have it mentality. In other words “finders keepers”

I’m curious which one you think is good to go by. I personally go by #1 now because I recon that we’ll see more guys “looksmaxing” anyways.

So, why shouldn’t they able to get the most attractive girls afterwards without fearing “backlash” from others(jealous guys? jealous girls who don’t want too many hot guys?)

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