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If 2 people randomly disappear at the same time from your social media then reappear at the same time -- are they the same person?

October 30, 2021

Here is enough proof to make sense of it:

Basically there are two people (allegedly):

Dan Gil -- a 35 year old bisexual man who let me hear his voice on discord audio call -- his is definitely not a teenager's voice -- but he disappeared from my life on April 6th and reappeared last night 14 minutes apart from when "tower-of-art" reappeared by sending me a discord message

Tower-of-art also disappeared from my life (on discord) on April 6th and reappeared last night at 11:14pm EST. This person "sounds like a troll" but I've investigated and her story checks out EXTREMELY well. She's allegedly a 16-year-old transgender Mormon girl that lives in a POLYGAMOUS HOUSEHOLD where her dad has 4 wives. I've tested her MULTIPLE TIMES to catch her in a lie (such as asking the name of 2nd oldest wife of her father) which she replied instantly -- she also knows the BoM (book of Mormon) extremely well and allowed me to test her "true/false" about some of the most popular BoM concepts and names of books from the BoM

I swear on my life that I'm going to "get to the bottom of this" but am I "the most gullible guy on earth" for believing that these are 2 different people?

I will give UNLIMITED SCREENSHOTS and/or pastebins as proof if anyone doubts that this is a fake question or a fake post. I have chatted with both of these people for SEVERAL weeks maybe 3-4 months if not longer.

I just find it EXTREMELY SUSPICIOUS that two people who were my discord friends both disappear on April 6th then reappear at 11pm on Oct 29th. This is not going to be a mystery forever because I sure-as-fuck will get to the bottom of this. I just want to know what this community thinks of the possibility that I'm being elaborately trolled by 1 person using 2 discord accounts?

Thanks in advance!

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