I cant bear this feeling im close to my 30 and single, everyone i know is getting married or marrying. While im left alone. It sucks i mean i cant see a day i get a gf, i dont even have that hope. And in totally given up on life, in Rational Male tomassi says no guy should settle until the age of 32, but all i know are married by the age 27 or 26, and i cant handle this peer pressure and feeling of this loneliness. The more days passes the more sad and depressing i get. I dont know how people find a woman and get past this they dont even know what game is, what redpill is, what hypergamy is. All i know they meet woman after a woman and they get marry. Am i that much unluncky? All my messeges get ignored in the social media. I dont have a big circle of social friends or family. I work in construction in rural areas, same as work in military no life no woman no holidays nothing. I dont even know how to or where to get a gf. And on top of that the embarrassment of all around me in relationships and im not. Idk im not ranting here, but idk what to do and dont tell marriage is waste of money or woman not worth it. I cant die alone. At this point even a toxic cheating woman is fine as i cant bear this loneliness. Please tell something.