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Is ED Presented As a Much More Serious Issue in Western Culture?

July 27, 2021

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Hey guys,

I always hear western dating advice mention how “women don’t excuse if you fail to maintain an erection.”

It looks like ED is presented as a bigger issue than I see it as in western culture.

I grew up in an Indian household and am still early 20s. I’ve had experience with several girls and I tell myself “what’s the issue if you lose an erection, just try again?” “Why do women make a serious deal out of this?”

I don’t think Indian/Asian girls(haven’t been with either) would care as much as white women and would be way more forgiving.

Experiences? TIA

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It's triggering the same reactions universally. Doesn't matter in which part of the planet you fail to get it up. It can and will happen at least once over the years. And when it happens you can't make excuses. If the woman is still in the mood, you calm down and make it work. She'll forget that it even happened once you give her what she wants.

Nevertheless, if you repeatedly fail to perform she'll undoubtably lose respect for you. Ignore her affirmations. Once or twice (not in a row) is okay. But if a pattern emerges she'll think something might be wrong with you. You can't negotiate attraction and desire. It has to manifest itself in her fluently.

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