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Is she trying to make me chase her?

September 22, 2021

i'm a good looking guy in a socially conservative area (many think a girl on dating apps is not a good look)

Girl i've matched with on bumble (she liked me first) immediatly initiated when i extended her (few hours left to expire..playing hard i guess?) we exchanged few messages, she was receptive, laughing anyways the next day i sent her an invite to grab a drink stating i'll be in her city the next week.. she left me on read (okay bye) however the day after, she replies that she missed my message (yeah right) without replying to my invite. few hours later i messaged her back assuming she's down to meet and told her to drop me her number.. again left on read.

i think i was fast at initiating the invite and maybe she needs more comfort? is she playing hard to get? what can be done other than unmatching or staying silent?

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next. she isn't interested

first of all don't 'extend' your match, looks needy/ pedistalizes her, plus your subconsciously showing yourself you don't have abundance. you kinda did the right thing by asking for her number after she messaged you back saying she missed your message. when girls do that, sometimes they actually did miss your message, sometimes they just want more free validation from you.

when a girl does the whole "oh sry I forgot to reply" but doesn't address the 'lets meet up' part of the text I'll force her to make a decision, no fluff chit chat, just reply with "no stress, you interested in meeting up?" basically you force her to show her hand, if she says "yes let's meet up" then great she probably just missed your message... but anything other than a 'yes' means she is just using you for free attention and validation and you need to next immediately

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I agree, i'm sure i came across very needy...

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Lol 100% not interested and you shouldn't get to invested in this girls (whole post for a girl who didn't even messege you in the 24 hours bumble time frame).

[–]LebaneseBrownSugar1 points [recovered] (1 child) | Copy Link

I get your point, i took her not messaging me until i extended as playing hard from her part seeing that she was the one that liked me first and i was new to bumble (new here tag less than 24h old) she wasn't.

Again, socially where i reside dating apps are not yet normal that's why I'm thinking it might be asd or lack of comfort from my part

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You're doing mental gymnastics, she ain't interested.

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Get in your own frame

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