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Is there a version of "what are you looking for" for us guys without sounding too blatant?

December 11, 2021

I believe the last time I asked this, it harmed my odds of even escalating. When they ask the same question, I treat it as much of a shittest as it gets.

But I also don't want to mislead, I'm afraid that this ambiguity or vagueness will result into biting me back.

What are some ways you do that helped or sort of, weed out, the ones who would really get attached. From the ones who would work harder or even be open to this type of lifestyle?

For example, should I joke around, or throw questions such as: Oh I talk and see other women, part of my job being a trainer

Or is the old saying of: she didn't ask, so don't tell. Always a safer default?

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Title Is there a version of "what are you looking for" for us guys without sounding too blatant?
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Don’t ask don’t tell is good policy.

If it’s early on in the relationship (~1 month in) and she wants to DTR, you can tell her that you want to know her better before you decide what your intentions are.

I personally use honesty. I’m 23 years old, there is no reason I should get into a committed relationship this early in my life. I want a house in my name before I settle down. I could find work across the country next week and I don’t want anything to hold me back from an opportunity like that.

Also, you don’t ask her. You set the frame for the relationship, that means you decide what the terms are. By asking her you’re submitting to her frame.

AMS, the guy from YouTube, uses the excuse “I’m not looking for anything serious but if the right woman comes along I’m willing to settle down”. I personally don’t like this one, I feel like lying is a bad policy. Plus it begs the question; what kind of woman is worth settling down for? If she asks that you’d better have an answer ready.

[–]Give_Praise_Unto_Me 0 points1 point  (0 children) | Copy Link

You mean to ask a girl what her status is with you? No, dont ever do it. It's the girls job to ask for commitment remember, not yours.

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